Someone once asked me which road Yifang Group will take in the future and what kind of company Yifang wants to become.

I think the core of the question lies not in what kind of company we want to become but in what kind of company China and our clients will require.

Obviously, China no longer needs another company that only knows how to make money. Rather, it needs a more trustworthy company that can create greater value for the society and its clients with practical and honest actions.

Since its establishment in 2001, Yifang Group has embarked on its journey with integrity. The correctness of this choice of road has been borne out by the facts. Thanks to our wisdom, efforts, responsibility, rationality, honesty and persistence, Yifang Group has enjoyed booming business and has successfully developed three core businesses – strategic investment,real estate development & management, culture/entertainment/sport, and culture/entertainment/sports/health – with a presence all over China. Yifang has left a grand sweep in the history of the development of China’s private businesses.

We have our own specialties but business has no boundaries. We believe in harmonious co-existence and joint development. In the face of a new journey, we will be even more determined and work harder, to continue to carry forward the corporate philosophy of being honest and smart, to create reliable products for people, to foster a trustworthy corporate culture, and to develop Yifang's cause that people have long believed in!