Yongkang Wanda Plaza Cornerstone Laying Ceremony Launched in Grandeur and Spectacle

Date 2020-05-29

On the morning of May 22nd, the Cornerstone Laying Ceremony for Yongkang Wanda Plaza was launched in magnificent fanfare in the citys economic development district. Leadership of the municipal party committee and government and representatives from Dalian Yi Fang Group, Dalian Wanda Group and China Construction Eighth Engineering Division attended and witnessed the ground breaking for Yongkang Wanda Plaza.

Yongkang Wanda Plaza is another joint venture of Dalian Yi Fang Group and Dalian Wanda Group after Beijing Tongzhou Wanda Plaza and Linyi Wanda Plaza. Its another masterpiece drawing on the extensive experience associated with nearly 400 Wanda Plazas across the country. The Yongkang project will strive to be the benchmark for Yongkangs upscale commercial complexes and serve as an important piece of the puzzle in completing and elevating the citys functionalities.

Yongkang Wanda Plaza is a high-priority project on the list of Provincial City and County Mayor Projects with a total investment of RMB 6.5 billion. It stretches over an area of 148,900 square meters with a total construction area of 740,000 square meters that comprise of a shopping center, Wanda Cinema, luxury hotel, shopping precinct, ritzy residences and boutique apartments. The construction will last 2 years and once completed, it will be the largest upscale eco city complex in Yongkang.

As the 4th generation technology-powered Wanda Plaza, the Yongkang project will be tapping both the online and offline markets in developing urban life center, experiences center and social networking center with a mix of movie theaters, recreation facilities, shopping malls, supermarkets, education for children, restaurants and department stores. The Yongkang project will be designed to the international metropolitan standards, with functionalities ahead of our time and an industry leading order-type commerce model to improve the lives of the people of Yongkang.