Grandiose Opening: Yi Fang Tiannian Big Data Medical Industrial Park Groundbreaking Ceremony Launched Ceremoniously

Date 2020-04-30

Yi Fang Tiannian Big Data Medical Industrial Park Groundbreaking Ceremony and Shenfu New Area 2020 Spring Investment Promotion Projects Concentrated Commencement (Resumption) were held in great success on April 29th 2020 at the presence of leadership from Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, the People’s Government of Liaoning Province and Shenfu New Area and with the attention from major media and experts in the industry.

The Groundbreaking Ceremony is a manifestation of Shenfu New Area’s backing up of the Party central leadership’s normalized policies for spurring economic growth, an important action in honoring principles of the provincial five-region working meeting for the implementation of the rolling three-year work agenda and a specific move of the push for high-quality development centering on construction.

As China’s first and only national reform and innovation demonstration area, Shenfu Reform and Innovation Demonstration Area is dubbed “Liaoning’s Special Economic Area.” It’s one of the “five regional development strategies” in a privileged geographic location that links up Shenyang, Fushun and resources rich areas on the bank of Hun River, with entitlement to the State Council's active support in policy implementation, funding arrangements, administrative and institutional innovation, major construction projects, etc.

Yi Fang Tiannian Big Data Medical Industrial Park is located in Shenfu New Area next to the city’s 3rd Ring, overlooking Hunnan to its west and neighboring Fushun on the east. With only 20-minute drive to downtown Shenyang and Metro Line 9 and Light Rail Line 5 to be built, the area enjoys access to convenient public transport. Meanwhile, it’s blessed with proximity to Hun River, Shenyang EXPO Garden and the breathtaking scenery of Bird Island, making it a best located “natural oxygen bar”.

The project will draw on the company’s resources and extensive experience in urban development in setting the exemplar of integrated natural beauty, wellness, health care and livable communities. The real estate part is named “Yi Fang·Shanghefu”, offering from villas with courtyard, high-rise apartments overlooking the river to greenery office. It will be the ideal residence for those with the finest taste for life.

As the Groundbreaking Ceremony draws to a successful close, the hectic construction of Yi Fang Tiannian Big Data Medical Industrial Park is getting off the ground. Yi Fang Shanghefu demonstration zone will be open for visitors this year. Going forward, Yi Fang Tiannian Big Data Medical Industrial Park will continue to improve quality, strengthen cooperation, promote neighboring development and work toward the benchmark for the region.