Yijinghui City Guesthouse l the First International Health and Retirement Community in Northeast China

Let’s meet up in Yijinghui City Guesthouse on June 3rd.

Date 2018-06-01



You were born in a time of material shortages, then you survived the hard time of supporting both parents and children and finally you retired at the age of 60, feeling nothing but lonely. 


You are told that you should no longer attract too much attention, you should no longer travel and go on any adventure by yourself, or that it’s no longer appropriate for you to continue to work…… Gradually you yourself started to feel that probably it’s time you got your pension and spent time with your grandchildren; Perhaps it’s time you enjoyed the proverbial retirement life that is ordinary and mundane. 


 Retirement life can be much more exciting. Find out here in Yijinghui!


The Yijinghui City Guesthouse is officially open on June 3rd. We cordially invite you to the opening ceremony. In Yijinghui, you will experience an entirely different kind of retirement and you will once again find the joy and beauty in life. 


1. Project Introduction


 Yijinghui is the first international health and retirement community in northeast China built by Yi Fang Group and Taiping Group. Covering an area of ​​90,500 square meters, it provides comprehensive services surrounding nursing, rehabilitation, and medical care.

 Yi Fang · Yijinghui project is an important part of Yi Fang’s strategy in the medical care and health sector. 




2.Yijinghui Rehabilitation Center

 People grow old and will have to face the problem of old-age care eventually. When talking about elderly care, the first thing you might think of is retirement home! Irresponsible caregivers in a messy and dirty building. People even think that only old people who have been abandoned by family and society stay in retirement homes. 

But, Yijinghui is an entirely different type of retirement community. Here you will be able to experience a whole new life after 60!




The new CCRC model

Yijinghui comes at a time when traditional retirement home model has failed to meet people’s needs. As a leader in domestic high-end retirement community, it pioneered the world leading CCRC(Continuing Care Retirement Community) model and created a whole new membership-based health care community.